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Introducing CSF’s Most Caring Cat Sitters – The 3 Pooches!

If you love cats and dogs, there’s nothing better than having cat loving dogs and running a cat Sanctuary or vice versa. For Jasna, the life isn’t quite what she had in mind, what she hoped for, or what she dreamt about, but it is anything but dull and boring – she has her dogs and she’s running a cat Sanctuary (read more about how Jasna’s sanctuary story began here).

Luckily, Jasna has some great dogs and they are all raised to be cat lovers. Now they not only help with running the Sanctuary, they protect the Sanctuary and its kitties,  they also assist with caring and nurturing the sick and helpless cats and kittens that have found their forever home at our lifetime Sanctuary.

Vito was a volunteer from the beginning, and he’s very good at it too. Perhaps one day we’ll allow him to run the Sanctuary on his own, but he’s too young for that right now. He’s help raise two litters of orphaned kitty babies up until now (read everything about Vito’s first litter here) and helped with many other individual cases. The only bad thing is that his kittens look up to him so they’re always running like crazy and jumping around just like he does. Luckily for us at Cat Shelter Felix, they don’t bark, otherwise it would’ve been very strange! Well, not to us, but to our neighbors. Although barking cats would’ve been some sort of a miracle and would probably be pawesome for raising much needed funds in order for our Sanctuary to stay afloat, we doubt our neighbors would appreciate the noise.

Kia absolutely loves cats, as she grew up among them and has always been surrounded by kitties, so she’s also involved with preparing bottles and bathing the little ones. Some of her adopted kittens have already grown into stunning and serene adults, while Vito’s babies mostly turn into little beasties when they grow up – people friendly, dog friendly and cat friendly, but still beasties.

Vega is our youngest protector and he’s also being raised by Vito, so it is quite natural, for us at least, that he’s into cats. And although he’s too young to handle the feeding and the pampering, (considering he’s still a few months old puppy), he’s already shared his bed with cats who prefer humans rather than other kitties so they are never leaving Jasna’s side, like Orin and Tessa.

And how do we reward our heroes after a long and hard day involving keeping the Sanctuary and everyone inside safe? Well, with playtime, of course! And this is them, enjoying the first snow this December. It’s also Vega’s first snow ever, so he’s quite delighted and over the roof, and Vito is teaching him how to avoid the yellow snow and eat and enjoy the proper white one.

And how are your furry or feathery friends enjoying their December and what do they do for fun?

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