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New Year’s Resolution

While most of the world is probably busy with the “New Year, New Me”, the dreamy tradition that follows the end of every year, Stelios is trying to see if his claws fit Jasna’s leg – in more than one place, and he’s not yet satisfied with his findings. As for us, the humans at CSF, dreaming is unfortunately not an available option, since our residents can’t live on imagined bowls of food, but we still do dare to hope.


Perfect place to practice claw precision – Jasna’s lap

This year was rather good to us. We’ve met some magnificent people who care about the CSF kitties as if they were their own, and our old friends that don’t get tired of us, so it’s safe to conclude we’ve been doing a good job. As for the New Year’s resolutions, our hopes could be described as “New Year, Old Shelter, New Look”. As we’re walking around the Sanctuary and making sure everyone is in bed on time, (of course they keep ignoring our strict regiment), we also see some windows, walls and cat furniture that need new paint and a makeover. They’ve been needing it for more than a year now, but when it comes to insufficient budgets, you have to make priorities. And the priority is keeping our residents well fed, safe and healthy. So, of course, while we’re still having debts and we haven’t even started vaccinating all of the kitties against rabies yet (it will certainly have to be done on debt), from this point of view it seems that our hopes will remain the same as they do every year, which is a bit frustrating – like reliving the same year and same worries each year. However, we have to focus on the positive things, because not only do our residents deserve nothing less, but it’s the only way to keep your head above water.


Stelios – acting all innocent

We don’t know what the year 2018 has in mind for us, but besides new and cheerful colors, we’d like to be able to look around our Sanctuary and be meeting our residents’ basic needs, we’d also like to see less animal abuse; more responsible animal owners; and more owners who take their animals to the vet instead of trying to treat them over the internet. We’d also like to see more spay/neuter procedures because although it’s a popular opinion that animals breed because it’s God’s will, we’re quite sure that the same God doesn’t approve of litters being separated from their mother and chucked out. We’d also like to see people getting more informed about animals, about their own specific animals and about their needs, therefore less animals would be dumped once their “owners” find out that animals can and do make mess, noise, get ill, need specific needs met in association with their activities, food, health issues, etc. To summarize all of the above, we’d like to see a better world for the animals, without suffering and abuse.

In order for that to happen, we’ll keep sharing our stories and proper information in the hopes that the once ignorant will be willing to change their opinion and learn more about what it means to respect an animal and its needs, and also what it means to be a responsible animal owner. We still hope that all of us together can make a difference with just a little effort.

Until that day comes, you can give our residents a chance for a better life. 100% of your money brings better living conditions to CSF residents and a chance to save new “lost causes” and provide them with a forever home here with us.

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