One Of Those Days

When The Whole Shelter Goes Silent

Our silence usually means that something bad has happened. Too many losses and too much sorrow in such a short time have left us overwhelmed with grief and totally defeated, so we are still unable to pull ourselves together. I honestly don’t know how we even deal with this unbearable sadness over and over again as it just gets harder every awful time that death pays a visit.

Cat Shelter Felix Residents

Four of Raena‘s remaining babies are finally doing well, Hailey and Farrel have recovered completely now, but the vet said we shouldn’t take in any new kitties under the age of two years for at least six months, or better yet a year. This winter has been too warm so far, the outside temperatures have rarely dropped below 0 degrees Celsius and the viruses are making their rounds as they are capable of breaching vaccine protection. As much as I adore kittens (I have hand raised a few abandoned litters of kitty babies which still hadn’t opened their eyes when I picked them up), no more kittens will be brought to the shelter in the near future. The risk of infection is just too high.

Cat Shelter Felix Residents

No one can say if the resident cats are grieving for their mates who have passed away, but they know that something has changed and they can surely feel our distress, which adds to their confusion. Almost all of them have suddenly become picky eaters, they are more quiet than usual and seem kind of restless, as if they expect answers I am not able to give them. I can’t even tell them that everything will be alright because nothing is alright and this gloomy weather accompanied by bitter northerly winds and drizzling rain definitely doesn’t lift our spirits.

Cat Shelter Felix Residents

None of the youngsters have been vaccinated against contagious diseases again as of yet as our debts at the vet were frighteningly big, but thanks to all of you we did finally manage to pay off the anti-rabies vaccines and we are forced to turn to you for help again with the rest. I know most people are flat broke right after the holidays as it happens every year, but if you have any spare change, please bear in mind that you’re the only hope for these 150 lovely little creatures here at the shelter. Every donation counts!

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