About CSF

Time spent with cats is never wasted. – Sigmund Freud

At its very beginning, Felinologic Association Felix was an association of avid cat lovers. It was founded back in 2005, in the town of Novi Sad in Serbia, by Danica Mirkovic and a group of her associates. That small but very determined group took care of stray cats from the streets by trying to make their lives easier.



However, they kept encountering the same problems over and over again – their protegées were endangered all of the time. Danica has always felt that establishing a shelter would be a great idea – it would mean safety for as many abandoned cats as possible. When Danica finally found Milance back in 2010, a little kitten whose hind legs were cut off while he was living on the streets, she realized that that was the breaking point and she decided to make her move.

Cat Shelter Felix is the first registered cat shelter in Serbia and the only cat Sanctuary. Our Sanctuary is located in Bikovo, a small village in the Vojvodina region in Serbia, near the Hungarian border. At this point, there are 150 kitties in our Sanctuary and all of them are ex strays. Every protegée of ours is spayed/neutered, vaccinated and checked by our wonderful vets on a regular basis. Although the majority of our residents consist of very old, disabled or chronically ill kitties, they are all enjoying their stay here in their forever home. For most of them, our Sanctuary is the only home they’ve ever known and a place where they’ve found care, love, nurturing, safety and freedom.


Felinologic Association Felix

In spite of the fact that our Sanctuary is rather crowded, which means that our little home is more alive than any other home in Bikovo, we can never turn our backs to any cats in a desperate situation because we are very well aware that blind, disabled, old or ill cats represent a liability to their previous owners as well as to most people who just walk pass them on the street. Therefore, cats and kittens keep arriving every now and then. As the number of kitties at our lifetime Sanctuary grows larger, the expenses of meeting our protégées needs grow larger as well and things get harder by the minute. However, in spite of our regular hard situation, the sight of our furry residents who are happy and playing in the yard or just exploring, relaxing, being lazy or being stress-free or fear-free or pain-free for the first time in their lives makes it all worthwhile.

Cat Shelter Felix was registered legally back in 2011, but from its very beginning it was not only a shelter but a lifetime sanctuary as well (by Serbian legal law, an option of registering only a sanctuary is not available) – a unique cat haven with plenty of open spaces, where all of the rescued cats are provided with a lifetime of all the care needed in a cage-free environment. None of our residents will ever be put up for physical adoption – they will stay at our Sanctuary for as long as they live.

Cat Shelter Felix, just like almost all animal shelters and sanctuaries all over the world, relies solely and entirely on private donations.


Every kind of help is needed, highly appreciated and welcomed. Make a donation and help us speak in the name of the helpless ones.

Support our mission by donating now or by virtually adopting one of our residents.

Let them know they’re not just cats. Show them empathy, sympathy and kindness.

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