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Is Cat Shelter Felix licensed or accredited?

Yes, Cat Shelter Felix and Felinologic Association Felix are both licensed and accredited. Felinologic Association Felix is registered as a non-profit NGO with Serbian Business Registers Agency, while Cat Shelter Felix is registered with Serbian Veterinary Department – Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Serbia.

Is Cat Shelter Felix funded by local or state government funds?

No, Cat Shelter Felix is funded solely on private donations.

Does Cat Shelter Felix put its residents up for physical adoption?

No, we do not put our residents up for physical adoption. We are aware that this decision makes us less attractive for donations, however, since we’re advocating responsible pet ownership it would be hypocritical of us to be putting our residents up for physical adoption after promising them a forever home. Also, we do not have the means or manpower to personally check every single person/family or their home regarding conditions that our protégées would be kept in, neither would we be able to check them personally at some point later on.

Therefore, CSF doesn’t put its residents up for physical adoption. We do, however, have virtual adoptions available. Read more about supporting CSF mission by becoming a virtual parent here.

Does Cat Shelter Felix sell its residents?

No, CSF has never sold, nor will ever sell any of its residents or protégés.

Does Cat Shelter Felix provide boarding facility services?

No, CSF doesn’t provide boarding facility services. Yes, we are losing funds by refusing to act like a boarding facility and refusing to look after your cats and charge you those services, but we would be breaking not only our rules, but the law as well. We are not equipped to operate like a boarding facility and we are registered as a non-profit NGO that provides sanctuary for abandoned cats in need.

Does Cat Shelter Felix have its own veterinarian and veterinary facilities?

No, CSF doesn’t have its own veterinarian nor veterinary facilities. We do, however, have a longtime cooperation with our dear and wonderful friends from PanVet veterinary station from Subotica, who provide our residents with 24/7 veterinary care if needed. Without them and without their commitment, expertise, professional approach and love towards animals, it is safe to say that many of our residents wouldn’t be around today.

Is Cat Shelter Felix open to the public and does it provide public tours?

CSF is not open for public and we do not provide public tours. However, you can visit us and spend time with our residents, but first please send us an e-mail so we can schedule your visit and rearrange our duties involving the Sanctuary accordingly. Please do not show up unannounced because our duties and responsibilities last all day long, and sometimes we’re at the vet’s, sometimes we’re out paying bills, etc, and we do have watch dogs guarding our Sanctuary and keeping our residents safe from unwanted intruders and they might scare you if we’re not around. We do not charge for visits, we are a non-profit charity NGO, and although it could be useful for our residents, we have made a commitment to them. Our Sanctuary was established for cats, not for profit. Also, this way you can see for yourself the conditions our residents are kept in and how donations are used to make things better for them as much as possible.

Why is keeping a sanctuary so expensive?

A sanctuary is a household like any other, only with far more family members and you have to meet the needs of each family member equally. Keeping a sanctuary isn’t just about feeding its animals. Like we’ve said before, you still need to pay the bills like electricity or utilities; however, there are certain things that sanctuaries use more than other households. For example, cleaning and disinfecting products – the sanctuary and its facilities must be kept clean and disinfected all of the time in order to prevent a large number of possible diseases and infections; washing a ton of dishes a few times a day; washing their “sheets”; disinfecting the yard and facilities; treating the yard and facilities against various parasites at least once a week; maintenance of outdoor facilities; maintenance of indoor facilities; food expenses (multiply the amount of one animal’s food needs by the number of sanctuary residents); veterinary expenses; heating expenses, etc. When all of these expenses are added up, the monthly amount of keeping a sanctuary alive can be quite huge depending on the type of animals – and it is that same amount that brings most people involved in animal rescue to tears because it’s so hard to come up with that amount each month. That is why most real animal rescuers give up at the end – they fall to pieces when they begin to feel helpless and unable to provide help to all the animals they’ve made a commitment to.

Want to support our mission and keep CSF running?

What do people involved around CSF get paid for their work?

Nothing. People involved around CSF are paid nothing. CSF is a charity non-profit NGO and people who take care of CSF cats are volunteers and take pride in the possibility to do good for those who are unable to take care of themselves. That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s the way it’ll always be. People within CSF strongly oppose to personal money making and profiteering in the world of animal rescue.

Who are people within CSF?

The person who is now in charge of the CSF and FAF is Jasna Lazic, followed by her right hand Silvija Arandjelovic. There are also few, both male and female, volunteers, who skip in whenever there’s a need or who run the CSF Facebook page, manage this website and other internet and media accounts.

Why isn’t Cat Shelter Felix’s phone number available for the public?

Although giving our phone number out, answering calls all day long and talking about our Sanctuary could make us more likable and appealing, there are two main reasons as to why our phone number isn’t listed. First, we do not have enough manpower or time to answer calls all day long – we have responsibilities toward our residents. Second, we’re receiving hundreds of e-mails on a monthly basis regarding other people’s pet cats that have become a burden to their owners. As harsh it may sound, we do not have the understanding or empathy for people whose cats are all grown up and not little cute kittens anymore; we do not have understanding for people whose cats have gotten their second, third, fourth, etc, unplanned litter and now the owners don’t know what they are going to do with those unwanted kittens. These are just a couple of “explanations” we’re getting as to why they want us to take their pet(s) in. We do not want to have a “hot-line” open for irresponsible owners because they are one of the main reasons as to why our Sanctuary was established at first place.

Cat Shelter Felix’s PayPal account is registered to Kim O’Connor from Canada, is that correct?

Yes, it is correct. CSF’s PayPal account is registered to Kim O’Connor from Canada. Kim O’Connor is not only a member of Felinologic Association Felix, but also a major donor and contributor to our Sanctuary, and a virtual parent caretaker of four of our residents.

Let them know they are not just cats. Show them empathy, sympathy and kindness.

Your cat/kitten has sustained serious injures which have left her permanently disabled and/or urinary/fecal incontinent. Will Cat Shelter Felix take your cat/kitten under its protection?

No, CSF won’t take your cat/kitten under its protection if this is the case.

A cat or kitten with a permanent disability needs to be kept individually or with one other pet max. An animal with such injuries needs care and attention 24/7. It needs to be kept clean all of the time, perhaps force fed, and it will need exercise as the vet prescribed.

An animal that isn’t permanently or totally disabled but is urinary and/or fecal incontinent also needs to be kept in isolation from other animals and kept clean all of the time. For us, cages represent only a temporary need, not permanent answers. We also do need to have necessary facilities or isolated room or space where we could or would keep animals with such injuries.

Group facilities are never the answer or the solution for animals with such injuries and health conditions. Not only would the injured animal be in physical danger, whether from other cats or itself (fights, falls, etc), but an incontinent animal would represent a danger for the group because no one would be able to clean all the rooms and space all the time.

As we have mentioned earlier, it’s not about the lack of financial support, manpower or appropriate sanitary facilities, it’s about the needs and welfare not only those of the injured animal in question, but also a matter of the needs and welfare of the groups.

This is yet another one of those reasons as to why our phone number isn’t available for the public. Until today, we have received a two-digit number of requests from people whose animals have gotten hurt but they don’t have the time or the will to look after it, but they also feel sorry for their pet and don’t want to put it away and therefore reckon that a group facility like shelter would be the answer for their problems, but not the answer for their pet’s problems.

What should you know before contacting Cat Shelter Felix regarding a cat(s) you think should be under our protection and custody?

CSF advocates, encourages and strongly advises to at least try to find a suitable home for the animal in question, especially if the animal is healthy. Healthy cats have more chance of being adopted than those with some sort of disability.

However, if you’re still certain about contacting us, please read the following information:

Because of our financial situation and lack of necessary funds, at this point we are not able to cover all of the expenses regarding the animal you want us to take under our protection. Therefore, there are certain terms you should meet:

  • Providing transport and covering its expenses falls under your obligation.
  • If your animal isn’t already vaccinated, we advise you not to vaccinate it before transportation. Your animal will be vaccinated after spending at least a month at our Sanctuary. These are safety precautions. Covering veterinary expenses regarding treatment against ecto and endo parasites, and vaccination fall under your obligation.
  • If your animal isn’t already spayed/neutered or is too young to be spayed/neutered at that point, it will be spayed/neutered when the time is right. Also, every animal needs to be FiV/FeLV tested before spaying/neutering. The expenses of FiV/FeLV tests and spaying/neutering procedure fall under your obligation.
  • If your animal possesses any earlier veterinary records, you should bring those as well.
  • Whoever brings the animal to our Sanctuary will sign a binding contract with our Association. Therefore, all of the veterinary bills regarding procedures mentioned earlier will be sent to you in order for you to cover them.
  • Once you have signed the contract with our Association, the animal becomes a resident of our Sanctuary and you are no longer its owner or caretaker. Therefore, if you want to keep track of the animal you once took care of, please follow our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram profile, or signup for our Newsletter. We won’t be sending you specific information or pictures whenever you feel the need. If you want to keep track of a specific animal, read more about virtual adoption and becoming a virtual parent/caretaker. You will be able to visit the animal you once took care of, but your visit needs to be scheduled and prearranged.
  • There is a strong possibility that the animal you once took care of will receive a new name upon arriving to our Sanctuary. We prefer Celtic names. We believe those names give them strength and protect them.

Do you have any other questions regarding Cat Shelter Felix that aren’t already mentioned here?

Feel free to contact us.


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