CSF Mission

I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul. – Jean Cocteau

CSF Mission

Provide a forever home and lifetime sanctuary to as many stray cats as possible, especially those in need of veterinary treatment, whether temporary or permanent, aka “lost causes” that are not adoptable due their age, disability or health condition.

Inspire change to overall treatment of abandoned and stray cats, as well as to inspire responsible cat ownership.


Some of our kitties love to be held and hugged


We want to help create a better world, where no animal sanctuaries whatsoever are needed, by providing a forever home for all the unadoptable cats in need.

Who are we?

Cat Shelter Felix (CSF) is a non-profit NGO, private cat rescue shelter located in Bikovo, a small village near the town of Subotica in the Vojvodina region in Serbia, near the Hungarian border. CSF provides a forever home and sanctuary to all to as many stray cats as possible and inspire the change to overall treatment of abandoned and stray cats, as well as to inspire responsible cat ownership. CSF is funded solely on private donations – we have never received any local nor state government funds. CSF is providing all of its residents with plenty of open spaces in a safe environment where they have to do nothing but be cats and enjoy their lives. CSF is not always open to the public due to our obligations involved around the shelter, but we do allow pre-arranged private visits. In that way, our visitors may see for themselves the conditions our residents are kept in, spend a bit of time with them, play with them and cuddle with them. We do not charge for the visits, nor do we organize paid private tours. CSF doesn’t breed nor sell animals, nor are our residents available for physical adoption. Cat Shelter Felix is accredited by the Veterinary Department of Serbia – Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Serbia.

CSF Manifest

  • CSF doesn’t breed or sell cats, nor are our cats put up for physical adoption.
  • CSF believes that every cat deserves a home of their own and people who will love them and take the best possible care of them.
  • CSF advocates responsible cat ownership – please vaccinate, perform FiV/FeLV tests, spay/neuter your cat and don’t abandon them due to their age or illness.
  • CSF advocates the value of each individual cat – every cat needs to receive as much medical and veterinary attention if needed, no matter what its age is and no matter how serious and expensive the procedures, treatment or drugs are.
  • CSF believes that every living being deserves the same respect, love and care.
  • CSF advocates providing true and honest information in order to help people make proper decisions toward cats.
  • CSF believes that every human being is capable of helping an animal in need in a certain kind of way.
  • CSF believes in collaboration between individuals and organizations in order to make life and conditions for the cats the best as possible.
  • CSF advocates honorable, open and professional management of financial resources.

What does CSF do?

CSF is committed to helping the community by providing a safe and forever home in our Sanctuary for as many abandoned “lost causes” as possible. For us here at CSF, there is no such thing as a lost cause. Our Sanctuary was established for cats, not for profit.

At this moment, CSF is providing a home to 150 furry residents. We provide a safe, cage-free environment with plenty of open spaces and a lifetime of veterinary and any other care needed for each and every one of our residents. At any given moment, every cat can climb the trees, lie down wherever they want to, sleep under the sun or in the shade, explore the yard or take shelter in any animal building they want. Each room is provided with central gas heating and our residents never have to experience the cold. Our newest residents are kept in isolation while they receive all of the necessary vaccine shots. This goes for all of our residents who are undergoing any kind of treatment – they are released into the yard only when they are completely healthy and safe from harm.

We also provide public awareness and education through stories of our residents, talking about what was happening with them before they came to our Sanctuary, their illnesses and disabilities, if they have any, and how they are treated, as well as following their lives and wellbeing here at our Sanctuary.

Ways to help

You can help CSF take the best care of our current residents, help us grow and develop in order to help as many abandoned cats as possible.

Let them know they are not just cats. Show them empathy, sympathy and kindness.

There are a few ways to show your support, either by donating now, or by becoming a virtual parent to one of our residents, or by providing our residents with wet canned food, diapers, gourmet food for ill residents or for those in recovery. If you wish to make a donation by providing food or other supplies, please contact us for detailed information and arrangement.

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