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Cats choose us; we don’t own them. – Kristin Cast

Before you give yourself over to reading, there are same thing you should know in order to understand some of this content or stories better.

Lack of information, missing information, and incomplete information

When Danica Mirkovic was still running the Sanctuary, a lot of things were done differently. She was kind of a loner and wanted to do everything by herself, but failed to keep regular and complete records, therefore a lot of info regarding CSF residents could be missing (place of rescue, approx year of birth, approx year of their arrival to CSF, etc).

CSF looked different at the very beginning

CSF wasn’t as secure back then as it is now, therefore some kitties were coming to CSF by themselves, and some used to sneak out through the fence and walk around the Sanctuary. As far as we know, no kitty has ever really escaped back then, because they were all coming back (everyone loves regular meals and warm beds, right?).

Before it was decided for CSF to become a sanctuary, CSF was only a shelter

What does this mean? Well, it means that Danica had tried to put CSF residents for adoption in the first year upon CSF’s establishment. After several adoption attempts that ended up in complete and utter disaster (some have tried to sell adopted kitties, some failed to take care of their adopted kitties and they ended up being very sick, some have “lost” the adopted kitties, etc), the decision involving physical adoption was abolished and CSF was running only as a sanctuary from that point on, and we have no intention changing that decision.

Fallen Warriors list is very long and some years of death don’t add up

The list of fallen warriors also contains names of kitties that were never a part of CSF and most of them passed away before CSF was even established. However, Danica has spent the majority of her life taking care of stray kitties and we wanted to honor those kitties by telling their stories and keeping memories about them alive.

Let them know they’re not just cats. Show them empathy, sympathy and kindness.

That’s about it. You can get additional information by reading About CSF or CSF FAQs, or CSF mission. Of course, it there’s anything you’d like to ask us that’s not already explained, feel free to contact us.

Let them know they’re not just cats. Show them empathy, sympathy and kindness.

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