The Importance of The Sanctuary

Perhaps it is because cats do not live by human patterns, do not fit themselves into prescribed behavior, that they are so united to creative people. – Andre Norton

By definition, a sanctuary is a place of refugee and protection; a refugee where wildlife predators are controlled and hunting is illegal; protection or a safe place, a haven if you wish, for someone or something being chased or hunted; a place where birds or animals can live and be protected, especially from being hunted or dangerous conditions.

Although things are very much cleared by the definitions itself, allow us to rephrase it in terms of our Sanctuary.

Let them know they are not just cats. Show them empathy, sympathy and kindness.

Cat Shelter Felix was first established because feeding and taking care of stray cats on the streets just wasn’t enough. Our proteges were in constant danger from other animals like dogs, people, vehicles, weather conditions, and untreated health issues. From the very beginning, we knew that this was going to be more than a challenge – we wanted to do more for as many strays as possible. However, the financial side is the only reason these noble decisions and humanitarian actions feel exhausting and excruciating most of the time, but knowing that you did something for a helpless being that was abandoned and unwanted for some reason makes up for all of the troubles we are going through on a regular basis.

You can help us rescue “lost causes” and provide them a chance to be healthy and safe from harm by donating now.

There are literally tens of thousands of abandoned cats on the streets of Serbia. We are very much aware that we can’t possibly save all of them, although we would want to, but we can help the community by helping as many as we can, as well as educating people about responsible ownership and proper care taking of our furry little friends. Many people buy or adopt cats without knowing or without even understanding what it means to be a responsible owner and how to meet cats’ needs in order for their cat pets to grow healthy, happy and safe. The results of these reckless decisions can be seen on the streets later on – cats are being abandoned because they are making too much mess; cats are being abandoned because they grew old; cats are being abandoned because they got ill; cats are being harmed by dogs, other people or vehicles because they aren’t kept safe; cats are falling from balconies because they are not kept safe; cats are breeding by themselves because they are not neutered or spayed; cats are being bred because their owners think kittens are cute or that it’s God’s will for their cat to have kittens which often results in kittens being left on purpose on the streets; cats are getting ill because they haven’t been FiV/FeLV tested, etc. All of these results are tragic, not only for the cats, but for the whole of humanity.

At this point there is neither proper legislation nor any laws that would put an end to irresponsible ownership, uncontrolled breeding or selling of cats and kittens. Without proper education and honest information being spread among people, our current situation will only get worse, resulting in an increasing number of abandoned cats and kittens. As you can conclude for yourself, critical to the current and upcoming situation will be the provision of registered, accredited, safe and secure facilities like Cat Shelter Felix and other animal shelters and sanctuaries to provide “lost causes” rescue services and adequate love, care and nurture for all these unwanted cats and animals.

Want to make an impact and change someone’s life for the better? You can do that by donating now or by virtually adopting one or more of our residents.

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