Write Your Santa Letter Like a Cat!

Yo, fluffy man!

What’s meowing on with you lately? I’ve heard you’re about to deliver some presents, so I wanted to make sure you don’t forget about me like you usually do. Yeah, yeah, don’t make any excuses, you’re lazier than I am. You know I’m an orphan living in Cat Shelter Felix Sanctuary. Enough introduction, so let’s cut to the chase.

You know I’ve been no good so let’s cut the cr*p… the bullsh… damn censorship! Listen, you gotta do something about these humans at CSF, they’re annoying. Always watching me and checking if I’m healthy. I think they’re obsessed with me or something.

Introducing CSF’s Most Caring Cat Sitters – The 3 Pooches!

If you love cats and dogs, there’s nothing better than having cat loving dogs and running a cat Sanctuary or vice versa. For Jasna, her life isn’t quite what she had in mind, what she hoped for or what she dreamt about, but it is anything but dull and boring – she has dogs and she’s running a cat Sanctuary (read more about how Jasna’s sanctuary story began here).

Luckily, Jasna has some great dogs and they were all raised to be cat lovers. Now they are not only helping with running the Sanctuary, protect the Sanctuary and its kitties, but they also help with caring and nurturing sick and helpless cats and kittens that found their forever home at our lifetime Sanctuary.

Saying Goodbye to 2017

Another year at Cat Shelter Felix is quickly coming to an end. We’ve had bad days, worse days, sad days, good days and the best days… 

We’ve learned some lessons, especially regarding certain people we thought we could trust, unexpected failures, empty words and broken promises. But we’ve also been blessed with many old and new magnificent friends who were by our side through thick and thin.

Hello Winter – The First Snow of The Season

It started snowing last night, and snowing, and snowing some more, and it was still snowing when all of the CSF kitties woke up after a rough night of exercising deep sleep. Of course, they woke up tired and very hungry, but snow is snow and our kitties love when it’s snowing. They just left everything behind, they didn’t even brush their teeth and they rushed outside to greet the first snowfall of this winter.

Here are some pictures of our furry residents enjoying our winter wonderland.

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