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Three Kitties Fixed

At the end of autumn 2017, CSF Sanctuary gave home to 4 kitties whose owner passed away so the kitties lost not only their owner but their home as well, because the new heir refused to take care of the cats. The waiting period since their arrival was over and their immune system was now ready for all the necessary procedures, so we took 3 out of 4 kitties to the vet for their spay/neuter procedures.

Young Farrel was neutered and only after a few hours later he was ready to join the other CSF residents in the yard. Farrel also tested negative for Fiv/Felv.

Cat Shelter Felix - Stelios - Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

New Year’s Resolution

While most of the world is probably busy with the “New Year, New Me”, the dreamy tradition that follows the end of every year, Stelios is trying to see if his claws fit Jasna’s leg – in more than one place, and he’s not yet satisfied with his findings. As for us, the humans at CSF, dreaming is unfortunately not an available option, since our residents can’t live on imagined bowls of food, but we still do dare to hope.

This year was rather good to us. We’ve met some magnificent people who care about the CSF kitties as if they were their own, and our old friends that don’t get tired of us, so it’s safe to conclude we’ve been doing a good job.

Saying Goodbye to 2017

Another year at Cat Shelter Felix is quickly coming to an end. We’ve had bad days, worse days, sad days, good days and the best days… 

We’ve learned some lessons, especially regarding certain people we thought we could trust, unexpected failures, empty words and broken promises. But we’ve also been blessed with many old and new magnificent friends who were by our side through thick and thin.

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