This year has already proven to be the toughest one ever, but it’s still far from over. We will probably have to face many more heartbreaks and disappointments, short-term joys and long, dark days of despair, yet nothing is more painful than losing someone you love. And if that special someone was a blossoming and brave kitty boy who was glowing with beauty just a few months ago, his passing evokes an overwhelming sense of injustice and unbearable grief.

Our gorgeous, strikingly beautiful, luxuriously furred and endearingly sweet Ali is no longer with us. Stunning and magnificent for all of his short life, over the last few months he’d become frail, skinny and weary, utterly exhausted from fighting a losing battle with numerous and severe health problems up to the point where he wasn’t able to carry on. Right from the beginning of his ultimate ordeal, we hoped everything would end well and stood by him every step of the way, refusing to believe that the strength of his youth wouldn’t be able to withstand, overcome and defeat all of the ailments that had been killing him slowly and steadily. But even the strongest fighters can be broken and don’t always win…

It all began when he was diagnosed with Giardia infection at the beginning of spring. He’d been receiving two different antibiotics for quite some time until he cleared the infection successfully, his appetite was good, his on-again, off–again diarrhea completely stopped and he even gained some weight, but he was still not the same old Ali we knew. He wasn’t displaying any obvious symptoms, nothing that anyone could put their finger on, but something was still very wrong with him. The next UV exam proved he had hepatomegaly, hepatic cysts and gastric dilatation, all of which were probably caused by the Giardia he had already been cured of. We immediately began to give him Metronidazole just in case, Ciprocinal (Ciprofloxacin) and hepatoprotectors; he was being fed RC veterinary diet hepatic food& raw meat and didn’t seem to be giving up. We knew he was seriously ill, he knew he was getting special treatment, but all of us were taking it one day at a time and never dared to engage in thoughts of “what-ifs”.

However, the long months of struggling with grievous health issues and his rapidly progressing infirmity were taking their toll. Ali, once undoubtedly the most beautiful kitten from a litter of six which were brought to the shelter in summer of 2013 was declining at fast rate. His luxurious white and flame colored fur had lost all of its former splendor, he was painfully thin, his yellow gaze held no expression, his cheeks were sunken in and his illness seemed to be dragging on forever. It wasn’t easy to even remember what he looked like before his problems had begun, as he barely resembled that breathtakingly handsome and powerful kitty boy he once was. His behavior also changed, just like his appearance – he was constantly seeking human presence and kept asking for food, but never took more than a few bites. The joyous sparkle had long ago faded from his eyes and there was nothing bubbly about him anymore. In spite of everything, we didn’t want to acknowledge that his time was coming, but no one asked us what we could and couldn’t accept…

Ali passed away peacefully one sunny morning, in his favorite place near the ladders in the yard where the grass is always lush and green, partially shaded by a large tree. He was still warm when we found him and he looked as if he were sleeping, somehow relieved and strangely serene. His hard fought battle was finally over, but his short life taught us all a valuable lesson in audacity, determination and unwillingness to ever become a quitter. Sadly, he didn’t make it, but while the light in his eyes has gone out for the last time, I’m almost sure that new worlds and new horizons have opened up for him. Such a wonderful creature couldn’t just vanish; he must still be watching over us from some fluffy cloud and he will keep living on in our hearts forever.

Goodbye for now, my special baby boy, you gave your best and so did we. May the angels fly with you wherever you roam; enjoy the absolute freedom, discover new spaces and reach the stars, as no time or boundaries exist for you anymore. Godspeed and farewell, our stunning little fighter, there is certainly so much for you to see on the other side, but bear in mind you’re dearly missed already and be assured we’ll meet again one day.



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