The winter blues has sadly and seriously begun for all of us here in a most heart rendering way with the recent passing of our lovely golden girl Farrah. I’ve been up to my neck in problems with the two horribly injured kitties we took in over the last month so I haven’t been able to concentrate enough not only to write, but even to think of saying a final good-bye to our fragile, amber colored furry beauty up until now. But Farrah needs someone to tell her story, the story of indifference, cruelty and the tough life on the street where she had lived for who knows how long until she finally found her forever home, new friends, unconditional affection and unending devotion in this unmerciful world that seems to be getting increasingly more love-deprived with each passing day. So here is to you, our precious little ginger kitty girl…

Farrah was found on the streets of Novi Sad, horrifyingly thin, in poor health and frightened to the core. She was probably a stray who somehow ended up in a place where six cats had been killed by roaming dogs in just one night and leaving her there was never considered an option. A visit to the vet revealed that she had calicivirus, so quarantine measures had to be implemented; she was terrified of other cats and being alone suited her just fine. When she was declared healthy, after weeks of medical treatment and everyday visits to the vet, she was introduced to the resident cats slowly, step by step. Luckily, all of her new mates were very friendly towards her and she started to relax little by little, until she finally learned that she was loved and nothing bad would happen to her ever again. Her long struggle and waiting were finally over as her new life had begun at last.

However, she has almost always been on the skinny side and sometimes she was definitely too thin, as if she still had some yet undiscovered health problems, but the vet solved the mystery – she was not ill, she was old, much older than previously thought. It didn’t change a thing, though, except for the fact that we came to realize she wouldn’t be able to stay here with us for as long as we hoped she would, but she lived every day to its full potential. She was pampered, well fed and cared for, she enjoyed sunbathing in the summer and sleeping on a warm radiator over the winter, she was cuddly, cheerful and sweet but the passage of time had been gradually taking its toll…

Farrah didn’t show any specific symptoms during the last couple of months of her life, except for slowing down. She was sleeping more than she usually did, she’d lost some weight although she kept eating right up until the end, but she was fading away before our eyes. We were doing everything the vet had instructed us to do and tried what we could to make her stronger; she was receiving vitamins and antibiotics over the last two weeks, just in case, but nothing helped and she was rapidly becoming more fragile and tired. Surrounded by those who loved her, in a place where she belonged, she didn’t even try to fight when her time came – she died peacefully and painlessly in her sleep, extinguishing like a candle. She’d lived the way she wanted in the last four years, she left when she was ready to cross over and we can still see her tiny but sparkling silhouette through our tears.

Run free, sweetie, go find the sun and the eternal summer. We miss you more than words can express; our ways had to part but not for long. Heaven has gained another angel and we are grateful to have had you in our lives, even though we wish you could’ve stayed here forever. You’re not missing anything, little girl, so go ahead and ride the wind, the stars are all yours now. Godspeed, golden Farrah, until we meet again.


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