With immense sadness we share the news that our sweet Venus, our little fighter who weighed only a few hundred grams, has lost her life battle with FIP.

People keep comforting us by telling us that we gave little Venus a chance to boost her immunity, that she was being given a little over a month of blithe and carefree time, that she was in a place where she received all of the possible care and love in the world, and that, without us, her illness would have taken her, bit by bit, in agony, away from everyone’s eyesight sooner. Still, these words of consolation can’t impair these feelings of total helplessness, sorrow and anger towards unmerciful, most feared and terminal diseases with a 100% mortality rate, such as FIP.

We dared to hope against hope that Venus would be able to pull through the crisis, although her weaker sister Serena wasn’t. We believed in her because she seemed to react to the vet’s treatments and the drugs she was being given. She even began to eat on her own and gained a bit of weight, but at one point her small courageous heart just couldn’t take it any longer. During her therapy, her biggest supporter, caretaker and her very best friend was a pooch who goes by the name of Tara. They were always together, as Venus was adamantly refusing to leave her side. She also liked to sleep on top of Tara, and hospitable host Tara didn’t seem to mind at all.

Two nights ago, little Venus fell asleep and never woke up… She passed away peacefully, quietly and painlessly, just like her sister Serena.

And now, all over again, there aren’t many words about Venus we could share with you so that you could remember her with a smile from time to time. Her life, as well as Serena’s, didn’t last long enough, although it must have seemed like an eternity to them due to the constant and fiercely fought struggles to just survive. Venus was a member of our large Felix family and her passing has left us as heartbroken as if we had known her for ages. We shall remember her as a brave, playful and curious tabby kitten; a sweet little kitty girl who never gave up and who tried to fight such a horrifying disease with all of her might, holding nothing back, even though she must’ve known deep down inside that she was fighting a losing battle.

Spread your wings and fly over the rainbow, our little hero. May harmony, calmness and love enlighten your path.

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