We first laid eyes on Attila in the spring of 2015, when he was a stray tom roaming the village, but he was extremely distrustful of people and nearly impossible to catch. We tried and put a humane cat trap in the field where he was seen on a few occasions, but he’d never dreamt of getting near a trap, much less entering it, so all of our efforts ended up with a huge failure. After that he disappeared and we hadn’t seen him for quite a while, although he had been spotted from time to time, always at a different location and he was incredibly cautious. We finally caught him using a humane trap in December of 2015 and although he was furious at first, he quickly became as cuddly and sweet as can be. He was around five years old when we took him in, he was tested and was found to be FIV positive (which is not surprising considering the life he was leading) so he’s been getting Interferon ever since. He was neutered under inhalation anesthesia a couple of weeks later and everything went well. We took him to the groomer afterwards to have him bathed and his fur brushed and trimmed a little so he was an absolute stunner, a magnificent kitty boy who got along great with the other cats.

Attila was diagnosed with CKD in February of 2018 and sadly passed away at the beginning of April of 2018.


Attila – used to be a local lover-boy and a great seducer


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