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Welcome to the official Cat Shelter Felix website.

Cat Shelter Felix is the first registered cat shelter in Serbia and the only cat sanctuary - kitties that come to us, stay with us forever.

Our website is still under construction, so please excuse the lack of content - we're trying to get things finished as soon as possible. In the meantime, read about us, read our stories, get to know our residents and enjoy.

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Every single one of our residents is special, just like you.

Who we are?

Felinologic Association Felix is a non-profit non-governmental organization located in Serbia, and we run a registered and accredited cat shelter & sanctuary called Cat Shelter Felix.

Cat Shelter Felix is a no-kill rescue shelter & lifetime sanctuary located in Subotica, Serbia. CSF combines natural and artificial habitats with lost of open spaces and cage-free environment.

Cat Shelter Felix relies solely on private donations.

What does CSF do?

Cat Shelter Felix provides sanctuary to abandoned domestic cats in need. We do not sell, breed or put our residents for physical adoption.

We are currently running and operating a sanctuary with 150 furry residents - some of them are ex-strays, some were abandoned by their owners, some were rescued from other shelters - there are plenty of reasons as to why they are here at CSF, but while their pasts can serve us as lessons, the only thing that truly matters is their present and their future, and that's what we're trying to provide them with.

What can I do to help?

There are many ways you can contribute and support CSF and our work. Your support does not only mean better living conditions and veterinary care for our current residents. Your support also allows our mission to be continued - together we can make a small but significant change, and rescue as many abandoned cats as possible, provide them with veterinary care, provide them with a lifetime home, end their suffering and bring a small contribution to end stray overpopulation.

You can support CSF mission through direct donations, by virtually adopting (sponsoring) one or more of our residents, by visiting our CafePress WebShop, by participating in occasional auctions organized on our Facebook page, or just by following our work and spreading the word about it.


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