Samson was born in 2009. Samson came to CSF in December 2016, 7 years old. Samson is most probably a stray who has spent at least six years of his life on the street. During the day he was wandering the neighborhood but he was kept in a cellar at night. When he got sick and was brought to a vet, it turned out he had a serious respiratory infection, worsened by the fact that he was immune-compromised, as he tested positive for FIV. Although FIV virus is transmitted from cat to cat only by deep bite wounds, or from an infected mother to her kittens, or by sexual contact, it is not contagious if all of the cats sharing the household are neutered/spayed. However, it seems that most cat owners fear that their own healthy kitty would get infected from a FIV+ companion and that’s probably why no one was willing to take Samson in, despite a zillion shares of his plea and appeals for help.

Luckily for him, we knew better and this magnificent looking black panther has become a resident of our Sanctuary, as we already have FIV+ kitties. All FiV+ kitties are living good lives, not showing any symptoms of their illnesses and receiving Interferon once a month.

This once dejected and unwanted black beauty was taken to the vet upon his arrival at CSF for a thorough exam which included blood work and a UV scan. He weighs 7.200 kg and it’s been confirmed he is FIV+, so he received Interferon immediately and will continue receiving it every month for all of his life, because this drug is helping keep the virus under control.

Samson is absolutely gorgeous and cuddly. He is also very big and strong, as his name implies. He is enjoying his life at CSF. He also likes to sleep in his bed with all four legs in the air – probably because being a CSF kitty is not so bad after all.

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