Hailey came to CSF together with Finn in mid-July 2017. She wasn’t even two months old upon her arrival. Hailey was found on the streets of Belgrade when she was hit by a car. She sustained an injury to her front leg – a permanent and irreversible neurological damage. Hailey had no control over her leg, she kept tripping over it and kept hurting herself even more. Hailey was operated on August the 1st. Her leg was amputated. There were certain complications after the surgery, but she managed to recover completely. After realizing she could walk without any burden, Hailey became a completely different kitten – she was finally happy and her first walk after the surgery was actually a run. We all used to joke that she transformed into a Tasmanian devil. Our little tripod girl is an explorer – she likes to check out every angle and climb every shelf. She is restless, adores being in the yard and hanging out with her best friends – her “brother” Finn and Sheena.

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Hailey – our little Tasmanian devil

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