Arthur came to CSF in end-December 2016. Arthur hasn’t had much luck right up until he came here. He was born on the streets in 2015, someone took some pity and picked him up and he was adopted a short time later, as many people find ginger tabbies irresistible. But after a while, just when he was feeling loved and thought he had become a part of the family, he was returned and his sad ordeal began. He was being taken from one foster home to another until his latest caretaker said he would have to leave again. His living conditions were poor there and he ended up here at the shelter to finally learn how it felt to be safe, loved and with a full belly. Arthur is a super cute and handsome kitty boy who loves everyone he meets, cats, dogs and humans alike, he is cuddly and affectionate and still no one has offered him a forever home, just because he’s not a kitten anymore. Arthur seems to be grateful to all those who have let him down in the past, because he’s finally happy and living a care-free and safe life here at CSF.

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Arthur – even without a sword he still looks like a knight

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