Figaro was born in 2015. Figaro was a young kitty boy who probably had an owner at one time, as he was too cuddly and sweet for a stray tom (stray cats have been in danger all of their lives and most of them are always on guard), so he was either thrown out into the street or he just wandered off and got lost following some female cat in heat. He was badly injured when he showed up in an old man’s yard sometime in August 2015; it turned out that he had been shot with a shotgun. His left front leg was broken and was operated on promptly after he was found, but then a new problem emerged – no one was able to take him in afterwards. Instead of having a nice, quiet place where he could recover, he ended up in the same yard where he first appeared, in a cardboard box and tied up with a cord around his rear leg that was supposed to keep him still.

Luckily, he quickly found a foster home where he spent a couple of weeks and finally arrived at the Sanctuary in September 2015. He gained some weight since he was brought here but his recovery was still ongoing; he was taken to the vet who took X-rays of his fractured leg to check healing and bone position, he concluded that everything looked alright and told us the metal rod from Figaro’s leg would be removed soon. His body was still chock-full of buckshot but he was vivacious, loving and talkative; he walked with a slight limp but recovered in full. He spent the first winter inside the house, exercising and getting stronger, and when the spring came, he was off to the yard where he is allowed to do whatever he wants and hopefully live his life to the fullest.

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Figaro – the vivacious one

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