Farrel was born approx in 2015. Farrel came to us in October 2017, along with his three household mates. Before they’ve all ended up in CSF, they had an owner who took good care of them and all of them were living in an apartment in Belgrade. Unfortunately, their owner died and the new heir didn’t want to take care of them, so she authorized her lawyer to “take care of the problem”. Luckily, this lawyer is an avid animal lover, so instead of throwing them out on the street, he kept feeding them for weeks while he was trying to find good homes for all of them.

Time was running out, but no one wanted to adopt adult cats, so this noble man turned to us. And although we were already crowded and in huge debts, we couldn’t turn our backs to these poor souls who have lost not only the person who loved them most, but who lost their home as well. We took them all in, they are still adjusting and starting to fit in. Perhaps they’re still not aware that they’ve found a home they’ll never lose again or that no one will ever kick them out of their home. Of course, neither Farrel nor his household mates were vaccinated nor spayed and neutered, so these procedures will have to be done asap in the right time and in the right order.

Unlike the rest of his crew, Farrel is very trustworthy and affectionate. He’ll come over whenever he sees a human being and he’ll ask for cuddles or treats.

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Farrel – always asking for more hugs and cuddles

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