Chanty was born in 2015. Chanty was found lying on the street in November 2015, near Hungarian bored. When found, Chanty was motionless, probably because he was hit by a car. We took him to the vet, and the exam showed that Chanty had a broken femoral had and a broken spine. Someone recommended that we should put Chanty down, but we wanted to give him a chance since his spinal cord was unharmed. Chanty was on painkillers and other medication for a while, and he started recovering. His best friend who came to CSF Sanctuary about the same time Chanty did, Hannah, although slightly younger than Chanty was, became his therapist and his strength. After a couple of weeks, Chanty started improving – he started climbing on the bed on his own, defending his place in the cat tunnel, playing and fooling around like all kittens.

Chanty is all grown up now and completely healthy. Hannah and Tony are his best friend and they are inseparable. Chanty is beautiful and gorgeous, but he’s a little beast and totally devilish.

Fun fact: due to his long and thick fur, at first we thought that Chanty was a she, so he was given the name Chantal. No one bothered looking or perhaps we were just eager to have another girl at our Sanctuary, who knows. 🙂

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Chanty – he eventually forgave us for naming him Chantal

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