Raena was born approx in 2014. During an awful summer storm in Belgrade in August 2017, Raena asked to come inside someone’s house so she could give a safe birth to her little ones. And she did. She gave birth to five beautiful babies. Although that family tried to protect Raena and her babies from their jealous pet cat, the situation was getting worse by the minute. Eventually they’ve turned to us and asked if we could only look after Raena and her babies until the babies have grown enough in order for them to be put up for adoption. And of course we said “yes”, and of course we never heard from them again. These things keep happening to us from time to time, since we keep believing that people will come to their senses one day and stop deceiving and double-crossing everyone around.

Anyway, brave mom Raena and her youngsters ended up in CSF in August 2017. They were kept in a separate room in isolation in order for them to have peace and quiet. The youngsters have grown, so the mommy Raena was spayed in November 2017, and after her recovery she’s joined other CSF residents in the yard. In the meantime, her youngsters have found several mommies and aunties, but their favorite adoptive mom is Fiona – they adore her, and she adores them. Raena doesn’t seem to mind much for her offspring after she got back from spaying, nor do they run after her.

Raena still needs to get some weight, since her little ones have sucked the life right out of her. Raena is calm and unobtrusive, nothing like her youngsters. She is very affectionate, lovable and cuddly. She also gets along with other cats and she’s finally enjoying her life.

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Raena – calm and unobtrusive

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