Argos came to CSF in mid-June 2017. Argos came to us from Subotica, after we’ve received a call that one family wants to put up Argos for adoption since they weren’t able to take care of him anymore because Argos was blind. A month before he came to us, Argos was a young stray cat who was hit by a car. The family that put Argos up for adoption picked him up and took him to the local vet. That vet wasn’t very interested in Argos’ case, because his wounds were untreated. We took Argos to our vets upon his arrival. It turned out that Argos had a broken lower jaw and huge hematomas on both eyes. He was also full of internal parasites. Argos also had a brain edema, and he was receiving adequate therapy, but his eyesight was lost forever due to his untreated injuries.

After a long therapy, one of his eyes has cleared completely, but the other eye remained blurry. Argos is a cheerful and happy little fellow. He is also utterly mischievous, and always climbing the fence or trees. If we weren’t familiar with his health history, we would’ve never guessed that Argos is blind. He is restless and untamed, always trying to go over the top. Argos suffers from occasional eye complications that need to be treated.

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Argos – always climbing the fence or trees 

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