Billy was born in 2012. He was barely two months old when he arrived at CSF in September 2012. He was picked up from the street and allegedly treated against external parasites, yet he arrived full of fleas, worms and a fungal infection. In addition, he was bone skinny. He managed to pull through. He is lively and cheerful, sweet and super cuddly. He’s also purring all the time. Stunning little fellow!

In February 2018, Billy was diagnosed with  hyperthyroidism. With proper and constant care, Billy’s condition will be manageable, but he’ll be receiving medication for his condition for the rest of his life. Billy’s therapy consists of Felimazole 5mg/day, at least for now. Unfortunately, Billy’s medication isn’t available in Serbia, therefore we have to order it from abroad. Billy’s monthly therapy costs a little over 50$ US.

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Billy – his favorite music instrument is purr-ophone

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