Fiona was born in 2006. Fiona was rescued by Danica, along with Bengi, Kjara, Cicka, Kan, Tili, Opal, Alden, Cicin, Silvestra, Gideon and Amber. They were all rescued from a joint yard in Novi Sad after an attempt of certain people to put all cats into bags and take them away. Their intentions towards the cats were unknown, but it is presumed they were not interested in cats’ well-being. Fiona was very distrustful towards people. Although she is not very sociable, she tolerates other cats. In December 2014, Fiona suffered an injury to her hind leg. Her paw was somehow smashed really badly and the vet had no other choice but to amputate. Although a tripod kitty, Fiona’s enjoying her life.

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Fiona – loves babysitting the CSF little ones

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