Gemma came to CSF in October 2015. Before that, Gemma was a stray cat whose caretaker had died a short time before she brought her three kittens into the yard that she lived in, blissfully unaware that she was left alone and doomed to a short and miserable life of being unwanted and unloved. Fortunately, fate smiled upon them, as a cat loving girl that lives abroad came here on vacation and began to take care of all of these unprotected creatures and developed a special bond with the mother cat and her babies. Two of the little ones had been adopted over a couple of weeks but it seemed no one was interested in Gemma and her tiny tuxie daughter Hannah. Unknown to them, their new guardian’s vacation was rapidly coming to an end and they were running out of time… By then we already knew that we would help them if nobody else would and what ended up happening was we took them in at the beginning of October 2015.

When they arrived at the Sanctuary, it turned out that Gemma was extremely shy and withdrawn so she used to spend most of her time hidden somewhere that she couldn’t be seen; meanwhile, little baby Hannah was a vivacious, energetic and adorable little beast from day one. As time went on, Gemma was lowering her guard and learning to live with members of her own species although she stopped showing much (if any) interest in her daughter. Despite being shunned by her mother, Hannah kept her spirits up and became the best of friends with Chanty – they were tirelessly play-wrestling and chasing each other, which resulted in Chanty’s amazing recovery from severe injuries she suffered when she was hit by a car.

Gemma was spayed and from that moment on she was living in the yard, getting along with other cats while she was recovering and getting better day by day. Gemma is not overly people friendly, but she is very affectionate with people she knows well. Gemma is FiV positive.

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Gemma – you have to work hard in order to win her trust

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