Sheena came to CSF in August 2017, when she wasn’t even two months old. Sheena was found by a young couple when she emerged at their doorstep in Subotica. They have tried to find a good home for Sheena, but no one even raised an eyebrow over her. For two weeks Sheena has been their family member along with their cute rabbit. They couldn’t keep her and didn’t want to put Sheena back on the street, so they’ve turned to us.

Sheena was treated against parasites before she came to our Sanctuary. Sheena is tiny, very cuddly and likes to play as much as she can. In one word, Sheena is a sweetheart. Her best friends are Finn and Hailey, and she grew up together with them.

Sheena’s tail was broken while she lived on the street, so she wears it a bit crooked. However, she doesn’t mind it at all. She is curious, mischievous and very playful. She gets along with other cats, but likes best hanging out with Finn and Hailey.

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Sheena – the Sweetheart

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