Valerie was born in 2015. Valerie was a stray kitty. She was living her life the way she knew best until she got hit by a car in spring 2015. Valerie’s both rear legs were broken and she was heavily pregnant at the time. Sadly, all of her unborn kitties were long dead before Valerie was found lying still in the street. Her left leg was operated immediately and she got spayed as well, but the fracture of the knee joint on her right hind leg had healed in the wrong position. The ultimate result was not only that she couldn’t use it, but that she wasn’t even able to hold onto it, not one bit, so her right rear leg needed to be operated in order for Valerie to walk again. She arrived at CSF in July 2015, and despite all of her health issues, she’s very sweet and has a wonderful personality.

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Valerie – in spite of her health issues, she is enjoying her CSF life

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