Debela was born approx in 2006. When she was around a year old, she started to come in and out of her soon to be caretakers’ apartment in Belgrade, looking for food. They were feeding her on a regular basis and named her Debela (the fat one) because she was very big in size. One night, after Debela’s caretakers came home, they found Debela in their kitchen, giving birth to her little ones. The mystery was solved immediately – Debela was pregnant, not large.

Her kiddos were put up for adoption and she has stayed with her caretakers for nine years. When they had to move abroad because of work, they couldn’t take her with them, so they turned to CSF for help. Debela and her housemate Bambi came to us in December of 2015.

Debela likes being on her on own or with other cats. She’s not people friendly at all – a real cat indeed.

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Debela – Fluffy like a cloud and enjoys only the company of other cats

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