Hannah’s story is pretty much the same as her mother’s. Hannah and her two siblings weren’t even born when a person who took care of their stray mother Gemma on the street had died, so this kitty family was on their own for a while. One day faith has smiled upon them, and a cat loving girl who came home from abroad for vacation took Gemma and her babies. Hannah’s siblings were adopted soon, but no one was interested in Hannah or her mother. Time was running out, and this girl had to go abroad again for work, so we stepped in.

Hannah and her mom came to CSF in October 2015, and they’ve been enjoying ever since. Hannah is full of life and bursting with energy. She’s playful, mischievous and loves climbing everywhere. Hannah is also extremely cuddly and affectionate. Her best friends are Chanty and Tony.

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Hannah – loves playing games and making new friends

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