Srna was born approx in 2015. Srna came to CSF mid-March 2017. We doubt we’ve ever seen such a deep sadness in such a little creature like we did in this fragile tuxie girl, Srna. She didn’t choose to be born on the streets around two years ago and live in a cat colony fed by some neighbors but hated by many – certain people even regularly shot the cats with air rifles. Srna was doing everything she had to do in order to survive; she was fleeing from the dogs and avoiding humans the best she could, but she somehow lost a rear leg nevertheless, in some unknown accident. However, her zest for life was the same when she became a tripod cat and her wounds healed nicely without any veterinary treatment. One of the rare humans who used to feed her every now and then caught her with a humane trap and took her to the vet to get her spayed when Srna was heavily pregnant, but for some unknown reasons the person in question couldn’t keep the cat while she was recovering from surgery, although she had no pets of her own. None at all. That’s when we learned of Srna’s ordeal and everything she had been through so far, and promptly decided to take her in.

Our friend Danica Novakovic stepped in and placed Srna at the vet ambulance until we could find the way to get this poor traumatized kitty girl to our Sanctuary. After many problems, Srna eventually arrived at the vet’s in Subotica, but she had to be sedated before the thorough exam because she was terrified of humans and totally panic stricken – she was hissing, growling, biting, scratching and was absolutely impossible to handle. Anyway, her blood work is perfect, she is FIV and FeLV negative, her stump looks nice, but her spay surgery (that was performed somewhere in Novi Sad) couldn’t have been done worse. She wasn’t even shaved properly, her wound was leaking as it was full of pus, her stitches were a complete disaster, so everything had to be cleaned and she began receiving antibiotics.

Srna is a fighter and a survivor and she doesn’t know the meaning of giving up. Srna is also very affectionate and cuddly – princess warrior.

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Srna – real life fighter and survivor

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