Tessa was born in 2016. Tessa is a young kitty girl who already knows the meaning of pain and suffering. At the beginning of the year 2017, while she was living on the streets of a village near Novi Sad, she had an open carpal fracture of her right leg. We’ll probably never find out what happened to her, but the point is that her horrific injury was left untreated for around two months. When someone finally took photos of her, she was in very bad shape and her right front leg seemed to be completely useless, so the vet in Novi Sad (who was the first to examine her) recommended amputation. However, when she arrived at the Sanctuary she had a thorough physical exam, blood tests and an X-ray by our vet who opted for surgery in order to try and save her injured leg. He removed the necrotic tissue; the wound was derided and Tessa has been receiving IV fluids over the first couple of days since her arrival, as she was seriously dehydrated and malnourished. She was being given Longacef and vitamins daily and is eating high quality food, constantly asking for more, while she was getting ready for the surgery. Tessa was only around eight months old at the time and after everything she’s been through, she definitely deserved a fighting chance. She has already proven to be a true survivor, at such a tender age and with an awful start in life.

Sadly, due to the complications after the surgery, Tessa’s leg was, unfortunately, amputated. However, Tessa doesn’t seem to mind that at all since she’s more than mobile and everywhere around the house. Yes, Tessa prefers human companionship better and she chose Jasna to be her household mate, so now she’s living with Jasna and her dogs. Tessa is very affectionate and cuddly, sometimes clingy, but very sweet and irresistible tripod kitty.

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Tessa – prefers to be around humans all the time

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