Jack came to us in May 2017. Four months before his arrival at CSF, Jack was nothing more than a little kitten that had been hit by a car. The people who first found Jack took him to the local vet in order to have him put down because of his injuries. Fortunately, the vet called a local cat lover and let her know about Jack. She immediately came in to see him and she consulted with the vets. Jack’s injuries, of course, were severe. He was seriously bruised, and he had suffered a major trauma to his eye. Emergency surgery was immediately performed, but sadly his eye was lost for good. Jack’s post op recovery went really well, he was tested for FiV and FeLV, and eventually, he was ready to be adopted. For a while, everything seemed superb for Jack. He was adopted very quickly by a local girl and was finally able to live the good life in an apartment with his new owner. Unfortunately, Jack’s new owner had to move abroad and couldn’t take him with her. Jack was once again reunited with the lovely lady who had first taken care of him after his surgery. However, that lovely lady already had many cats and they didn’t get along with little Jack.

Luckily, Jack’s caretaker gave us a call and asked if we could take care of him until he’s found a new lovely home. Since Jack’s caretaker already knew that we’re experienced with taking excellent care of handicapped cats, she needn’t worry about Jack being in good hands. After just two days, Jack became a true member of the Felix kitties’ crew and has gotten to know new best friends who love him just as he is – a truly marvelous, cuddly and beautiful fellow. He has finally found his new and loving forever home.

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Jack – will win your heart over in a second

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