The Second Beginning

Before deciding to make a move and establish a shelter, Danica Mirkovic used to live in the beautiful town of Novi Sad. But, as we all know far too well, cities aren’t quite suitable for shelters – too much noise, neighbors complaining all the time about everything… so Danica moved into a much quiet and rural area where she could continue her lifetime work and be at peace.


Kitties exploring their new home

In year 2010, Danica moved to Bikovo and took all of her protegees with her into their new home. She started redecorating her new home and turning it into cat facilities. She left only a small portion of the house to herself. In 2011, Cat Shelter Felix was finally registered and legalized and everything seemed the way it should be for a few years… then at the end of 2014 Danica suffered a stroke which rendered her bed-bound and the future of the shelter and its residents became quite uncertain. No one dared to step in, not only because they were lacking time due to their personal reasons and duties, but because running a shelter and being there with its residents, taking care of them and looking after them carries not only a huge amount of responsibilities, but a burden as well – making the ends meet is never an easy task.


Danica Mirkovic at CSF in 2011

When it became clear that shelter and its residents are in great danger, Jasna Lazic packed her bags, took her pets with her, traveled 200 km and came to Bikovo in order to save the shelter and its future. Some have described her decision to carry this burden as crazy, some as bold, but the only thing she could think of was the destiny and future of all those kitties which were about to lose their home and their safety. Jasna did not only take care of kitties, but she took care of Danica as well and nursed her for months. Of course, Jasna’s role was supposed to be only temporary, until Danica recovers and comes back home. Three months have passed after Jasna’s arrival, and it was clear that Danica would never be able to recover, so everything involving the shelter and its future became uncertain once again.


Jasna Lazic

After moving to a nursing home, Danica made Jasna Lazic the president of the FAF (Felinologic Association Felix) and the person in charge of CSF (Cat Shelter Felix). Jasna took two bank loans herself and started making changes to CSF in order to make living conditions for all of its residents better and more comfortable, and she’s been carrying the weight of those decisions ever since.

This story wouldn’t be quite different from other compassionate stories, if it only involved Jasna’s bravely crazy decision to nurse and take care of a person she hardly knew, leave her home, friends and family in Belgrade and come to an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, and take over the duties and responsibilities involving a shelter and its residents. Although a few people on the planet would be prepared to sacrifice everything of their own in order to help someone in need, this story is still not like any other.


Cuddle tiiiiiimeeeeeee

Years before her decision to lend a helping hand, Jasna herself suffered an autoimmune disease which left her paralyzed from neck down. Although doctor’s prognosis wasn’t promising at all, Jasna was determined to recover and get back on her feet again, even though she was constantly being repeated that the wheelchair will be her max. After a couple of extremely long, excruciating and hard years, Jasna left the hospital using crutches. That’s why her selfless act wasn’t only bold or crazy, but also heroic, noble and extraordinary. Since she came and took over the shelter, Jasna has done many wonderful things for CSF and its residents, and she still keeps doing it in order to keep CSF Sanctuary alive and its furry residents safe and healthy – trying to make a full and complete recovery and raising funds needed so that CSF may continue its work and so that all of these once abandoned souls don’t lose their home again.

This is how the CSF story began for the second time.


High five everyone!

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