Vito’s kittens

Vito having kittens wouldn’t be very interesting or special if Vito was not only a boy, but also a dog – a German Boxer, to be precise! So how did Vito end up with six kittens of his own? Easily, since stray cats show the tendency of leaving their litters carefully packed into boxes and placing them next to trash cans. Or maybe not?

In the spring of 2016, Jasna and her six month old Vito at that point, hopped over to Belgrade to visit friends and family. As soon as they’d arrived, they were presented with a gift – a cardboard box filled with kittens, 10 days old at the most, with their umbilical cords still attached. As usual, someone had a problem spaying his pet, but had no problem leaving the little ones in front of a shopping mall, next to a dumpster… and perhaps that person did them a favor.

The little ones had severe eye infections and their eyelids were glued shut with pus; moreover, they had chlamydia infections and ringworm. All of them had to be hand raised and bottle fed. Vito, although still a pup and a baby himself, decided to get involved and help Jasna with bringing up the munchkins. He watched over them, kept them warm, and when the babies started to crawl, he was following them around, picking them up and bringing them back to safety. Vito did not only voluntarily apply himself for the nanny role, but he also turned out to be a great adoptive dad. The only problem was that he couldn’t be trusted with feeding, he kept warming up kitten milk replacement formula too much. He also disliked handling the stove.

After four weeks or so, five out of the six little ones were making good progress and started eating on their own (what a relief for AD Vito), except for the little black girlie


Phoenix – almost lost her life battle

who was weak to begin with. At one point, it seemed the little black feather gave up, but after an hour of massages, mouth-to-mouth and CPR, she came back to life, and was even jumping around in the car until they arrived at the vet’s. She received a bunch of antibiotics and was weak for the whole next month, but eventually made it through. She was immediately adopted virtually by Kim and received the name Phoenix because of the crisis she pulled through and scared the sh… hell out of Jasna and rest of the crew.

Vito’s kittens are all grown up now and they are all doing more than fine. They love seeing their AD Vito in the yard, and climb the fence to greet him. Vito was satisfied with a job well done, but also disappointed when he was told that he’ll never be able to have kittens of his own, therefore, Vito decided to be an AD to all of the kittens who keep arriving at CSF every now and then.

Although CSF is quite tired of irresponsible pet owners, it seems that Vito never gets tired of little kittens and he’s determined in providing them with all of the love and care they were denied at birth.

Be a responsible owner and a friend to your pet – please have them spayed/neutered.

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