Vito’s munchkins

Although 2016 wasn’t much of a rainy year, it sure did rain kittens  though. Just one month after the arrival of the first Vito’s litters, a new “tour” came in – four munchkins and their mother Esme. All of them were found in a cardboard box (yet again someone didn’t have the heart to spay their pet, but had quite enough “heart” to abandon them and leave them on the street) in front of an apartment building in Belgrade, and then they were placed in foster care. They spent four weeks in a foster home before they came to CSF in mid-June 2016.


Esme & her munchkins

Upon their arrival at CSF, it was discovered that the mother Esme had a mild case of mastitis, so she was separated from the little ones, and Vito had to step in once again, only this time he was prepared and already had so much experience. Changing diapers, warming up bottles, picking up the toys, picking up the little ones, putting the little ones to sleep – just name it, Vito’s done it all. Esme was pretty hostile towards the other cats. She was hissing and growling at everyone, but as soon as she was placed in the yard after her veterinary procedures, she calmed down, although she was never interested in her babies again.

The little ones, two boys and two girls, were making friends with kittens that Vito had adopted a month before. However, they progressed really slowly, their health was very gentle and fragile and they were the sickest kittens we’ve ever had in the history of CSF, and with a very weak immune systems. They had been having diarrhea and some kind of a virus on and off, so they spent most of their time at the vet’s. Three of them somehow managed to pull through, but one of the little girls, Ava, became really ill and unfortunately passed away a month after their arrival, even though the vets had given their best in order to save her life. The other three babies, Fergus, Fortuna and Ronnie, were growing nicely and all of the troubles involving their health were forgotten.


Little Ava

Of course, just like the six little ones before them, Fergus, Fortuna and Ronnie grew up to be spoiled, affectionate, cuddly, people-loving and dog-loving. We’ve tried to have them not forget how to be cats, but they were all looking up to Vito. The only good thing is they do not bark, otherwise it would’ve been really weird!

As for Vito, after his second successfully raised litter, he asked for a vacation, but Jasna couldn’t grant him one since Vito himself was a minor. And although a dog and a minor, Vito had shown more love and care to all of these kitties than the people who put them in the boxes and left them on the street without any second thoughts. So it is quite safe to say that Vito is smarter than any of them, has a bigger heart and knows what responsibilities are, unlike the majority of humans who walk this planet.

Be a responsible owner and a friend to your pet – spay/neuter your pets and don’t abandon them.

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