Thank You!

Thank you for caring about CSF Sanctuary kitties

Your support means our kitties are not invisible and forgotten, and that our rescue efforts count to someone

Please continue following our work because everything we do is a result of mutual efforts - yours and ours.

Our work wouldn't be possible without your support.

Your support means better living conditions for our current residents; constant improvement of indoor & outdoor cat facilities; the ability to rescue more abandoned cats and provide them with lifetime care and a forever home; maximized security involving food supplies, veterinary care & medication; ending stray suffering and overpopulation by spaying/neutering as many stray cats as possible, and providing them with life time care and a forever home; helping ill, injured, abandoned & disabled stray cats; warm indoor facilities during the winter; kitty happiness.

Perhaps we can't change the world for everyone, but we can definitely change the world for some of them, or we can at least try. That counts as well.

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Share our mutual achievements with your friends and family. The more people learn what it means to be a responsible owner, the more they'll be able to take better care of their pets and make proper and perhaps life saving decisions. More responsible owners and more responsible people means less stray animals, less animals in need and less animals in distress. This way rescue organizations can concentrate only on those who were born strays, instead of cleaning up the mess of irresponsible owners.

Maybe what we do will result in a small change, but it's a significant change, not only for the animals we were able to rescue and help, but for the community as well. Sanctuaries are essential when it comes to providing a better life for stray and abandoned animals, and we all benefit their work.

If you have any spare time left, take a look at our residents and get to know them - see who you were able to help and with what.

Read our stories and blog posts, perhaps we can make your day better just as much as you did ours better - let us repay you for your kindness and generosity.

We would like to believe that you're always aware how much your support is appreciated, because you matter to us just as much as our residents do - your kindness allows us to do something good for them, which means that you're just as equal part of our CSF family as they are.

Thank you for believing in us, our mission, our work and our residents.

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